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Window Cleaning

Our team cover shops, hotels, showrooms, offices, schools, flats, houses and more.

Whether you are looking for a traditional window cleaner or one that uses more modern methods, we have you covered.

At Purgo we use 2 different window cleaning methods;

Traditional window cleaning

This method is mainly used on smaller domestic properties and shops. The traditional method is a firm favourite with some customers based on previous experiences with other cleaning companies producing bad results with the more modern method.


Water-fed Pole or Reach & Wash window cleaning

This method uses purified water and carbon fibre poles from the safety of the ground reaching up to heights of 60ft. At Purgo we mainly use this method on commercial and large domestic properties. Conforming to Health & Safety regulations for ‘Working at Heights’. There are many benefits to this method, the main one being that the windows stay cleaner for a lot longer than they would being cleaned traditionally. Another benefit of this method is that all those hard to reach windows e.g. sky lights, that ladders couldn’t quite get to, are never a problem.


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